2012-13 Tournament Schedule

Dates are set for the 2012-13 Tournaments.  The State Tournament will he held March 2nd, 2013 in Howell Hall at the University of Central Oklahoma.

We also have three “Regional” Tournaments in the run-up to State.  The first of these is December 15th hosted by Putnam City West High School.  The second is January 12th, hosted by Norman Public Schools (location to be determined).  The third regional Tournament will he held at Putnam City High School and has been changed to February 2nd.

More details to follow on the PC West Tournament including times and a tentative list of events.  Since this is the first Tournament of the year, there are usually fewer events than will take place in subsequent meets.

By the way, have you you officially joined the Oklahoma Science Olympiad?  Contact Bob as soon as possible to get your team registered.