Flight Events Workshop

Have students that could use a little help with Wright Stuff, Elastic Launch Glider or Bottle Rockets?  Sign them up for the Science Olympiad Flight Workshop!  This is a half-day workshop for students to be held at in  the science wing of Putnam City High School, 5300 NW 50th Street, Oklahoma City in Saturday, November 8th.  The classes will start at 8:30 AM and end before noon.
These are hands-on workshops taught be Steve Goodgame, of BotBall, Matt Esker of the Sooner Flight Academy, and Bob Melton
Participants in the Wright Stuff and Elastic Launch Glider Workshops will learn about the rules of these events and will begin construction of aircraft using kits from Freedom Flight Models.  Materials for construction of one aircraft will be provided to each participating team, although supplies are limited and teams from the same school may be required to share during the workshop.  Bottle Rocket workshop will need to bring their own event-compatible soft drink bottle.
Questions about this workshop or it’s content?  Post to this message thread for answers.  Steve and Matt are in this Basecamp group.
Register for this workshop here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7XD8Y7V
Deadline for registration in Monday, November 3rd

Register NOW for the Broken Arrow Invitational

The Broken Arrow Invitational Tournament at Oneta Ridge Middle School will take place November 22nd.  Oneta Ridge is located at 6800 East Quincy Place, Broken Arrow, OK.

Register your team Today at this URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KZSZRL9
Every team MUST supply an event supervisor.  The registration form has a place for the contact information of your event supervisor(s) and the events they will supervise.  We will also keep a running record go the tournament events with identified supervisors on Oklahoma Science Olympiad Coach’s basecamp page.
Each team MUST be a paid member of the National Science Olympiad in order to participate in this tournament.