Coach and Event Supervisor Training THIS Weekend

A final reminder that we have a full day Coach and Event Supervisor training THIS Saturday, September 20 from 8 – 4 in Howell Hall on the Campus of the University of Central Oklahoma (where we hold the state tournament).  Parking is free and located to the southwest of the building (lot 17)
We have lunch provided courtesy of generous donations from Panera Bread, Deep Fork Grill and Jimmy John’s Sub’s.  We will also have Coffee and muffins in the morning.
The SO Training Program is attached.
We have designed the conference to be a full-day affair and the team of presenters will review each and every one of the 23 Division B and 23 Division C events.  Presenters include veteran Coaches and Event Supervisors who will spend 10-15 minutes on each event in their program area, reviewing the features and overall guidelines of the event and the specific guidelines for scoring.  There should be ample opportunities for questions during each event’s presentation, but we have also built in time for questions during lunch and the panel discussions for Coaches and the separate panel discussion for Event Supervisors.  In addition, we have a time for question after the conference.
We have structured things so that you could attend the morning-only or afternoon-only, if need be. We hope everyone will be in attendance for lunch (or benefactors have been generous).
Please pre-register to let us know you are attending.  Go to