OK Science Olympiad Coach and Event Supervisor Training









The Science Olympiad Manuals have arrived and it’s time to prepare for the 2013-14 tournament season.  Training for Division B and C Coaches as well as orientation training for Event Supervisors will occur Saturday, September 28th in Howell Hall (the science building) on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.  We will begin in The Howell Hall Atrium at 9 AM and will end at Noon with lunch.

Member teams of the Oklahoma Science Olympiad should have a Coach present at this training.  Not yet a member?  Come find out about the Science Olympiad and learn what you can do to start a team and get it ready for this year’s tournament season.

This training will include an orientation training for experienced and new Event Supervisors. This is the best time to learn the responsibilities of Event Supervisors and meet with Coaches and trainers.


9 am- 10 am- Orientation to Science Olympiad

10 am-12 pm 2013-14 Division B and Division C event review

There is no cost to attend this training.  Registration is accomplished by sending an email to OK Science OLympiad Director Bob Melton.  Registration Deadline is September 26th.