Registration Now Open for the Putnam City Invitational @ Putnam City North, January 21st

Time to register your team for the Putnam City Invitational at PC North HS, January 21st, 2017 (map)
Registration is the first of a two-step process.  Once you have registered (Be sure to print out the registration so you will remember that you’ve already done that), the tournament directors will be able to plan logistics.  The tournament schedule has been posted on OK Science Olympiad Basecamp.
Approximately two weeks before the tournament we will post the form for submitting your team roster.  The roster form will close on Wednesday, January 18, but coaches will be able to make substitutions at the door.
Please observe the convention of providing a volunteer Event Supervisor to support this tournament.  It is best if the Event Supervisor is NOT a team coach. We already have a number of Event Supervisors scheduled to operate events, but we will post a list of events that need volunteers on Basecamp in early January.
Now is the time to make sure your business office has followed through with issuing purchase orders/ or checks to pay Science Olympiad memberships. Your team must be a member to participate in this tournament.  Membership for this year closes the first week of January.  And it is not too late to join!  If you are wavering or are not sure if there is enough time to be competitive this year, let me assure you that there is plenty of time and Science Olympiad is best done by plunging straight into it.
Here is the link to the tournament registration form: