Science Olympiad Featured on NBC’s TODAY Show

NBC has a regular TODAY Show feature called Class of 2020 where they are following a class of students in a particular classroom through their 13 years of schooling.  Now 5th graders, the class recently participated in their school district’s Division A Science Olympiad. (See the previous posting giving details about the Division A Tournament recently held in Putnam City that hosted over 270 participants from 15 teams)

TODAY Show cameras were there as students prepared for the Egg Drop and GUNK competitions in advance of the tournament which they also covered in the story.  They picked up the story 2 weeks out from the Tournament that the students began preparing for two months in advance.

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The report also gave a shout out to the Division B and C Science Olympiad.

Feel free to share this story with administrators and teachers (friends, family, school board members, students…).  It gives a very quick look at the excitement for learning generated by a tournament as well as the student engagement in the practices of science that make Science Olympiad such a valuable part of any STEM Education program.