West Tournament December 15th

We took a poll within Putnam City to see which events would be appropriate for the December Tournament at PC West.  From that and after consulting with Jan Watson, the West Tournament Director, we have a pretty good list of the events she plans to offer on December 15th.   Jan requests feedback on the list as well as commitments on judging.  There is always room to help, but a few of you taking responsibility to lead at least one event will help a lot.

Some of you are still researching Science Olympiad, and taking the lead on judging an event is the best way to learn all about it.  Notify Jan (and cc me) to find out more information and sign up to cover an event

It’s Time to Register Your Team!

Email Jan Watson  to register your team.  Let her know ASAP that you are planning to bring a team.  Please provide your name, school, division, and approximate number of Olympians who will be competing.   Please cc me on this email.

Here is the final registration form you will need to email to Jan by December 14th.  You can bring the form with you to the tournament with any last minute corrections.

The events marked with * have a judge designated to at least identified.

Division B



Experimental Design*


Meteorology *

Keep the Heat *

Mousetrap cars*

Rocks and Minerals*

Rotor Egg Drop*

Write It Do It*


Division C

Anatomy and Physiology*


Chem Lab*

Elastic Launch Glider



Write It Do It*

Experimental Design*

Gravity Vehicle

Rocks and Minerals*


So, if the Division lists work for you, can you help Jan with Judge identification?  This is a great opportunity to involve others and she asks that every team bring a judge for an event.  The important part is that YOU contact Jan ASAP so she can start building the list of judges.


Again, each team should bring a judge to be responsible for an event so we can build on our base of volunteers

What does a judge do?  EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THE EVENT.  Judges know the rules, they bring all the supplies needed for the event (other than the supplies that are specified in the rules to be the responsibility of the Olympians), they run the event, they score the Olympians, they turn in the results to the Tournament Director.

We have a small group of reliable judges, but we want to add more to the pool.  Please email Jan  with the names of judges you will bring to the Tournament.  Please cc me as well.


Putnam City West is located at 8500 NW 23rd in Oklahoma City, west of Council Road, just east of picturesque, historic Lake Overholser. Parking and entry into the building is available on the west side of the building.  Signs will be posted for your convenience.
Do you have to enter every event?  No.  Bring the Olympians you have.  But non-participation in a single event earns a score of N+1 for that event.  However, this is a tournament to give your team a chance to see Science Olympiad in action and to try their events for the first time.  Think of it as a scrimmage.
Right now Jan is considering the December tournament to be an early afternoon event.  This will allow for set-up time as well as weather delays.  The tournament would last about three hours and should start at 1pm.
Teams should plan to arrive no earlier than 12 Noon, but no later than 12:30 when the impound room closes and the Coaches meeting occurs.  You will be assigned a team “home base” where you can deposit your materials and study and prepare for events.
Most events are closed to everyone other than competitors, but some events, like Boomilever, MavLev, and Gravity Vehicle are open to spectators, as long as they are respectful of the event and follow the directions of the Judge.
Questions?  Contact Jan and I.
Have you joined the Oklahoma Science Olympiad yet?  You will need to do so to participate in this tournament.