Wonderful examples of the impact made by Science Olympiad in ways we might not have hoped/imagined

Hello Science Olympiad Friends!

From Jenny Kopach
Science Olympiad
VP Marketing Communications
National Executive Board Member .


I was state champion in Anatomy & Physiology in 2012, the team was 3rd place for three years in a row and just a few points away from going to the national competition. I won over 70 medals over the four years I participated in Science Olympiad, and it was the most important academic competition in my life. Visiting Indiana University Bloomington’s campus for state Science Olympiad competitions helped me make the decision that I would go to  IU. Science Olympiad instilled a love for science and learning in me that will last me the rest of my life.

— Mason Markovich, Valedictorian, Whiting HS, Student at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

After spending three years studying protein biochemistry as part of Protein Modeling, I decided to study bioengineering as an undergrad. Honestly, without my involvement in Science Olympiad I would not have decided on this field of study, or even been accepted into my undergraduate school (CalTech). The opportunity to study interesting fields at levels beyond what was available to me in high school allowed me to explore so many fields of science I would never have touched upon otherwise. I’m incredibly grateful for the direction and opportunity that Science Olympiad gave me, as well as for the leadership experience and incredible memories that came with being a member of my high school team.

— Emily Mazo, Bioengineering/Computer Science Student at CalTech, CA (participated in PA Science Olympiad)

I received 30 medals overall through all six years I competed. My team did very well at the regional level, placing in the top five every year.  We did well at the State level as well, placing in the top eight every year. Science Olympiad has been part of my family for many years and it was literally a dream come true for me to be able to compete at the competitions and receive medals at the regional and state levels. I loved Science Olympiad and it became my passion. After competing in Anatomy and Designer Genes, my desire to be a nurse was confirmed. Another huge benefit of Science Olympiad was that I got familiar with the college campus. The university where the Science Olympiad competition was held is where I attend college now.  Because of the Science Olympiad competitions, I was familiar with the college campus. I knew where my classes were without even looking at a map and that knowledge calmed my nerves on the first day of classes. I LOVE Science Olympiad and I am so excited that I get to coach the students now and motivate them to do their best. It is such a joy to be part of their success at competition. Now, I coach four different events for the high school that I graduated from. I also assist in head coaching the whole team.

— Katelyn Kamp, Student at Grand Valley State University, MI

I didn’t know this as a sixth grader in the fall of 2002, but my participation in Science Olympiad would end up having a profound impact on my life. Because of my exposure to science and engineering in my Science Olympiad events, I ended up taking a number of advanced science courses in high school, which (not surprisingly) led to majoring in chemical engineering in college. Today, I’m a materials and process engineer at Boeing and use many of the same principles in my job that I learned while working on events like Experimental Design, Water Quality, Can’t Judge A Powder and so many more. STEM outreach is now one of my biggest passions, and organizations such as Science Olympiad are paramount in getting kids interested in STEM careers. I still stay involved with Science Olympiad serving at regional and state competitions; it’s truly a joy to see the minds of future scientists and engineers at work.

— Kate Nolan, Engineer at The Boeing Company, St. Louis, MO