Science Olympiad Coaches Meeting to Be a Part of the OSTA Conference

The next opportunity for Science Olympiad Coaches to get together before tournaments begin with be Saturday, November 10th during the OSTA Fall Conference in Howell Hall on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma.  We have a session planned that will include discussion and planning for the first Tournament  to be held December 15th at Putnam City West High School in Oklahoma City

We will review all of the events to be held at the PC West Tournament  and try our hand a couple of them (a lot easier to do at UCO than it was at the Sam Noble Museum in August.  The museum has very strict rules concerning materials brought into the museum, especially cardboard containers that might harbor insects destructive to museum specimens.) .

This will be a fun time for all and will give you needed help in developing your school’s Science Olympiad team as well as sharing with other Olympiad Coaches . It will also give you an opportunity to see the venue for the 2013 State Science Olympiad Tournament which will be held at UCO in the same location.