2013-14 Training and Tournament Schedule Determined

The 2013-2014 Science Olympiad tournament season is off and running. The Oklahoma Science Olympiad Steering Committee met August 18th and had a very productive session planning  this year’s tournament schedule and this year’s Coaches and Event Supervisor training.
The tournament rule books are being delivered to those teams that are registered with the OK and National Science Olympiad.  The cost of being a member of the Science Olympiad is $100, $60 of which is for national registration.  The fee is paid annually to the Oklahoma Science Olympiad, c/o Putnam City Schools Science Activity Fund, 5401 NW 40th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73122.
First up, the Training… Saturday, September 28, a half-day training to take place in the science building (Howell Hall) at UCO beginning at 9 AM.

To register for this training, send an email to Bob Melton.  

The first tournament will be help November 16th in Tulsa, hosted by Broken Arrow/ and Union
The next Tournament will December 7th at Putnam City High School
There is no tournament scheduled for January, but the February Tournament will take place February 1st, hosted by Casady School.
The State Finals Tournament will he held at UCO on March 1st.
Contact Bob today to join the Oklahoma Science Olympiad

Time to Join the Oklahoma Science Olympiad for the 2013-14 school year

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For the past 30 years, SCIENCE OLYMPIAD has led a revolution in science education. What began as a grassroots assembly of science teachers is now one of the premiere science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to nearly 7,000 teams in 50 states.

Science Olympiad is Awesome:
Science Olympiad’s ever-changing line-up of events in all STEM disciplines exposes students to practicing scientists and career choices, and energizes classroom teachers with a dynamic content experience.

Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events in each division (Division B is middle school; Division C is high school). Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. By combining events from all disciplines, Science Olympiad encourages a wide cross-section of students to get involved.  Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation. See a list of this year’s events here. Through Science Olympiad, students, teachers, parents, principals and business leaders bond together and work toward a shared goal.

Teamwork is a required skill in most scientific careers today, and Science Olympiad encourages group learning by designing events that forge alliances. In Elevated Bridge, an engineering whiz and a kid from wood shop can become gold medalists. Similarly, a talented builder and a student with a good science vocabulary can excel in Write It Do It, one of Science Olympiad’s most popular events.

See the Weather Channel report of the 2013 National Science Olympiad Tournament:


NOW is the time to join the 2014 Oklahoma Science Olympiad

Since 1985, Science Olympiad has required that all teams (up to 15 members) competing in any Science Olympiad tournament (Invitational, Regional, State or National) must be a member of Science Olympiad and pay the national fee (currently $60).

An additional fee of $40 is charged for membership in the Oklahoma Science Olympiad ($100 total).  The fee is paid annually to the Oklahoma Science Olympiad, c/o Putnam City Schools Science Activity Fund, 5401 NW 40th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73122.

Questions?  Need more details? Contact Bob Melton bmelton@putnamcityschools.org and go the Oklahoma Science Olympiad Website http://www.oksciolympiad.org. and the National Science Olympiad website http://www.soinc.org