2017 Science Olympiad Rules App available NOW!


The 2017 Mobile Rules App is in stores now and selling like hotcakes! There is an app for each Division (which is more like an e-book in terms of functionality); each are priced at $3.99, lower than the print manual cost.


  • The Science Olympiad Rules are essential tools for students, parents, teachers and supervisors involved in the largest team STEM competition in the US
  • These on-the-go Division B and C Rules are replicas of the printed rules found in the 2017 Science Olympiad Rules Manuals
  • The app contains all 23 Rules organized by standards-aligned categories: Life, Personal & Social Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science & Chemistry, Technology & Engineering and Inquiry & Nature of Science
  • Links to all the most popular sections of the Science Olympiad website let you travel in and out of the app to check Policies, FAQs, Rules Clarifications, General Rules and more


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It is not too early to sign up for this great workshop!

The Summer Institute sold out last year before June 10th, so plan to register early! 

Plan now to attend the July 17-21, 2017, Science Olympiad Summer Institute, held at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. Please Register early as the Institute has sold out early for the past four years!

University Credit: If you are interested in obtaining two (2) hours of Graduate Level Professional Development Credit from the University of the Pacific (Course PEDD 9033), please register online or complete and mail the UOP Course Form. The UOP Registration fee is separate from the Institute fee. The forms are not generally available until after May 1st. Please call the University of the Pacific if you need help at 209-946-2424. See UOP Letter and only contact University of the Pacific with questions regarding credit. Registrants are expected to attend thirty (30) contact hours of instructions and submit a report on how they plan to implement what they have learned related to standards-based student instruction.

Background Information: The annual Science Olympiad Summer Institute (SOSI) is an excellent opportunity for secondary school (grades 6-12) teachers, coaches, event supervisors, tournament personnel and administrators to get the most up-to-date information about all 46 Science Olympiad events. Many Science Olympiad coaches at state and national tournaments attribute their success to concepts learned at the SOSI.  Nearly 100% rate the SOSI as very good or excellent and come away feeling as if their “batteries are recharged!” Comments from previous Science Olympiad Summer Institutes:

“This was my first institute and I loved it! The presenters were absolutely fabulous, and I enjoyed the hands-on activities and the discussions with other coaches.”

“I loved the hands-on chemistry opportunities provided in the sessions. Some of the techniques were brand-new to me, so the personal practice and guidance were invaluable! I’ve gained many new resources and ideas for my own classroom as well as for my Science Olympiad students. I plan to return next year!”

“The human resources were the most helpful. I liked the enthusiastic and friendly participants; they were inspiring. I saw competitiveness, but it was in the spirit of bringing out the best in everyone. Thank you!”

Many sessions are presented by by National Event Supervisors and Committee Chairs. The SOSI provides in-depth coverage of all 46 events. Course attendees will experience five days and four nights of sessions and meetings designed to improve any school’s Science Olympiad program and help meet state core curriculum science benchmarks and standards. Registration includes course fee, room and board, and a preview of the incoming Rules for both Division B and C. Educators are eligible to apply for Title 2 Teacher Quality program funds by contacting their school district science curriculum administrator.

Registration for the Broken Arrow Invitational at Oneta Ridge MS is Open

Time to register your team for the Broken Arrow Invitational at Oneta Ridge Middle School on November 19th.
Registration is the first of a two-step process.  Once you have registered (Be sure to print out the registration so you will remember that you’ve already done that), the tournament directors will be able to plan logistics.  The tentative tournament schedule should be posted in a couple of weeks.
Approximately two weeks before the tournament we will post the form for submitting your team roster.  The roster form will close on Wednesday, November 16, but coaches will be able to make substitutions at the door.
Please observe the convention of providing a volunteer Event Supervisor to support this tournament.  It is best if the Event Supervisor is NOT a team coach. We already have a number of Event Supervisors scheduled to operate events, but Sarah Bailey, the BA Tournament Director, will soon post a list of events that need volunteers on Basecamp.  You can communicate with her there.
Now is the time to make sure your business office has followed through with issuing purchase orders/ or checks to pay Science Olympiad memberships. Your team must be a member to participate in this tournament.
And it is not too late to join!  If you are wavering or are not sure if there is enough time to be competitive this year, let me assure you that there is plenty of time and Science Olympiad is best done by plunging straight into it.
Here is the link to the tournament registration form:


Reminder: Science Olympiad Coach/Event Supervisor Training September 24th

Register to attend the annual Oklahoma Science Olympiad training conference, Saturday, September 24th at the University of Central Oklahoma in Howell Hall.  This is a FULL DAY (8 AM – 4 PM) training for coaches and event supervisors.  We review each and every one of the 23 events in Division B and in Division C as well as have sessions specific to Science Olympiad Coaches and Olympiad Event Supervisors.
The workshop is free and lunch is provided!  Coaches of teams that have joined the Oklahoma Science Olympiad for this year prior to September 24th will be able to pick up their official rules manual at the conference.
The program schedule can be downloaded here – 2016-17 Training Program.  Parking is free on Saturday at UCO and lot 17 is closest to Howell Hall.  Download the campus parking map here – UCO parking map
Sign up for the Science Olympiad Training Conference here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S6QCDZC
September 22nd is the deadline to register for the conference.

Important Science Olympiad Links and Policies

On the national website (www.soinc.org), you’ll see updated information for 2017. Below are the event links so students and coaches know where to look for study materials, and Event Supervisors know where to look for help.
Science Olympiad will be adding information to these pages throughout the fall, including Score Sheets and Check Lists for device events, more Event Supervisor Guides and the Event Logistics Chart.
All State Chapters should be following the Policies listed here: (Coaches and Event Supervisors must be familiar with the policies and should download and file them)
Please pay special attention to Eye Protection classifications, Laser Use and Team Qualification Policies, especially as they relate to home schools. Invitational Tournament Directors should review them as well before the season begins.
Invitational Directors need to follow all direction listed here:

2016-17 Tournament Schedule

Start planning now for the 2016-17 Division B/C tournaments.

So far the Invitational Tournament schedule is:

December 3rd Changed to November 19th– Oneta Ridge MS – Broken Arrow

January 21st – Putnam City North High School – Oklahoma City

February 18th – Southeastern Oklahoma State University – Durant

State Tournament:

March 25th – University of Central Oklahoma – Edmond

Time to Start

Yes, It’s time to start the 2016-17 edition of the Oklahoma Science Olympiad.
1st – Start by enrolling your team(s) in the Science Olympiad.  This year we are waiving the state fee for Science Olympiad membership.  That will reduce the cost of annual membership to $60, which is the national Science Olympiad fee.  Remember that only paid member teams  can compete in Science Olympiad tournaments.  Each team can consist of no more that 15 students.  Please consult the Science Olympiad rules for additional details as to grade requirements for Division B and Division C teams as there are restrictions and limitations.
The 2016-17 Oklahoma Science Olympiad Enrollment form is found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R7WWDFV
Note that this year you will send your fee to a new address.  The University of Central Oklahoma will collect all fees and checks are payable to them.  The address to send all Purchase Orders and Checks is:
University of Central Oklahoma
Attn: V. Hatton/Campus Box 177
100 N. University Drive
Edmond OK 73034
memo: Science Olympiad
Please be sure to print a copy of the enrollment form to include with your Purchase Order/Check.
Any questions regarding your enrollment or fees, etc. should be directed to me at bmelton@putnamcityschools.org.
2nd – Register to attend the annual Oklahoma Science Olympiad training conference at the University of Central Oklahoma in Howell Hall.  This is a FULL DAY (8 AM – 4 PM) training for coaches and event supervisors.  We review each and every one of the 23 events in Division B and in Division C as well as have sessions specific to Science Olympiad Coaches and Olympiad Event Supervisors.  The workshop is free and lunch is provided!  Coaches of teams that have joined the Oklahoma Science Olympiad for this year prior to September 24th will be able to pick up their official rules manual at the conference.
Sign up for the Science Olympiad Training Conference here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S6QCDZC
September 22nd is the deadline to register for the conference.

Thinking about Science Olympiad?

School has been out a month, time to start setting up for next school year!

Open your calendar app and block out these two dates:

September 24th, 2016 and March 25th, 2017.

The first date is the annual Science Olympiad Coaches/Event Supervisor Training Conference at UCO. This is a jam packed, all day event full of discussion, sharing, and training over the specifics of each of the 23 events in each division of the 2016-17 Science Olympiad competition.  The conference is free and lunch is provided.  Details to follow…

The second date is the Oklahoma Science Olympiad State Tournament.  This year the tournament will be held a little later in the school year, AFTER the traditional Spring Break.  Again, our host will be the College of Mathematics and Science at the University of Central Oklahoma.

The Invitational Tournament schedule is still coming together and we should have a schedule posted before the end of the summer.

Thinking about the events?  Here is the latest, updated events chart.  A recent change has occurred in the Hovercraft has been placed in both divisions and has replaced Sounds of Music.

2017 events

How About Starting a Division A Program?

Division A is the Science Olympiad program for Elementary aged students. Each school participating in Elementary Science Olympiad Competitive Tournaments or Fun Day/Fun Night events must make a one-time purchase of an Elementary Science Olympiad Manual. There is no national tournament or national membership fee for Division A elementary schools. Once an Elementary Science Olympiad manual is purchased, educators may initiate local, school district or regional competitions.

The 4th Annual Putnam City Schools Division A Science Olympiad Tournament was held April 9th in Oklahoma City at Putnam City High School.  The tournament is the culminating activity of a year-long investigation of STEM subjects on the part of 4th and 5th grade students in the districts Gifted and Talented program.  Earlier in the academic year, the district’s 18 Division A coaches met with the district’s Fine Arts and Gifted Education Coordinator Jason Memoli, Technology Integration Specialist Jeni James, and district STEM Facilitator Bob Melton to select events and guidelines from the catalog of events found in Science Olympiad’s Elementary Manual.  Other events, modified from Division B guidelines were added to make this year’s offering of 17 competitive events.

The real key to the success of the tournament is the involvement of the district’s three Division C (High School) teams and their Coaches.

Event Supervisors from all three Putnam City Division C Science Olympiad Teams

Event Supervisors from all three Putnam City Division C Science Olympiad Teams

The Event Supervisors for each event are members of the Science Olympiad teams from Putnam City High School, Putnam City North High School, and Putnam City West High School.  An adult volunteer is assigned to each venue to assist, but the high school students plan, operate, and score each event.  Other high school students, most notably National Honor Society members, assist with any of the logistical aspects of the tournament, and there are many. This year’s tournament involved 375 competitors.  The tournament itself attracts over 1200 spectators who spend the day watching the many  events held in the gym (MagLev Cars, Straw Airplanes, Aerodynamics, and Bridge Testing), the Bottle Rocket launching outdoors, and the Egg Drop in the school’s two-story atrium.

Interested is starting a Division A program?  You really should.  It’s a relatively inexpensive way to get elementary-aged students involved with STEM.  It can be a part of the instructional day, part of a Gifted and Talented program, a focus in an after school program, there are all kinds of options for bringing the program to fruition in your school. Tournaments can be held within the school, within the district (Putnam City’s model), or within a region.

This is great way to build excitement and awareness for your Division B and Division C teams!  Not only do elementary students get to experience the excitement and challenge of Science Olympiad, but their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, (these youngsters do tend to bring a lot of interested adults with them) get exposed to Science Olympiad as well. Elementary students are in awe of the high school students and look to them as role models.  The leadership exhibited by the high school Science Olympiad team members is tremendous and makes this whole arrangements win-win and very worthwhile.

Starting a Division A team is easy, just go to the Science Olympiads store at soinc.org and purchase the Division A Competition manual.  One purchase, a lifetime of excited learning.